Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stella Bridgette Felix: First Nigerian To Enter Space

Stella Bridgette Felix

Meet Stella Bridgette Felix, a 17-Year Old girl from a poor African family. 

Stella became the first Nigerian to enter space. 

She was selected from more than 400 students who applied for the zero-gravity flight in the United States. 

Stella was the best in her class in Physics and Chemistry.

The flight to space took off from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida(US) and spent two hours on a modified aircraft which rose 10 kilometres above the earth.

She said she used to study by candle light and at times relied on books she borrowed from friends; but she stuck to her father’s words and remained diligent to her studies.

The very happy Stella said:  “I feel very happy and I also feel like a role model. I know that this will create awareness to other students and make them have more interest in space science and technology education.”

 Infact, I heard that her mother sells bean cake, aka Akara, to get the money to send Stella to school. What a good mother!

The space flight was organised to commemorate the World Space Week, and one of the organisers, Dennis Stone said the event was celebrated in 50 countries and Nigeria was identified as a strong participant.

Stella became Not only the first Nigerian but the first African student to take Zero Gravity Flight into Space.

Stella Bridget Felix is a Nigerian and I am proud to be a Nigerian.

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