Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mode 9, Nigeria's Best and Living Rap Legend.

Mode 9(real name is Olusegun Babatunde) grew up in London, England. He came back to Nigeria in 1979, where he studied Building Technology. While in school (Bida Polytechnic, in Niger State) he met Ayo Animashaun, a publisher who eventually introduced him to SOLO DEE, a quantity surveyor (and one who would eventually make Nigerian hip-hop mainstream popular) who mentored him and introduced him to real hip-hop. 

During this period, Mode Nine met, through SOLO DEE, other rappers who have elevated the art form, such as Loknan 'Eldee' Dombin, Mista baron, Six Foot plus, De Weez and El-Cream and together they formed the super group AFTERMATH

The name of the group later changed to SWAT ROOT following the adoption of the name by Dr Dre for his record label. With SWATROOT, mode Nine work on as many as 18 tracks before graduating from school.